Doctor Who… was doing so well

Tonight’s episode – the concluding episode of the two-parter featuring the return of the Silurians – started out great… but then about halfway through I began to feel disappointed. It wasn’t the slap-in-your-face treatment of Rory’s erasure from time, or the lack of pain from Amy that the immediacy of Rory’s demise necessarily meant. It was something else that, although probably just an oversight, ruined the story for me.

I’ve always been a fan. I don’t take the series too seriously, but it meant a lot to me growing up. The Doctor, you see, never cared who you are as long as you were a good person.

In tonight’s episode, Cold Blood, the Doctor says how much he likes the Silurian scientist when the scientist frees a child from suspended animation unharmed and unmarked. The same scientist that at the start of the episode was about to dissect Amy and had previously performed a live vivisection on the freed child’s father. The same scientist that has supposedly kidnapped children and slowed their ageing processes while he robbed them of their lives and kept them in a tank for study.

Probably just an oversight, I realise, but what a stinker.


One Response to “Doctor Who… was doing so well”

  1. in total agreement with the silurian story. i thought part one was okay but part two made me wanna take up knitting 🙂

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