Fun with mirrors … a great idea for creating monsters

A few years ago I received Zbrush as a birthday present and, whilst I love the program, its free updates and the ever growing number of ways to create and sculpt models, I have to admit that I’m not that brilliant with the software. I’m much better at modelling harder surface objects like cars and other vehicles, the key to which is sketching your ideas out before you start modelling. The trouble with carrying this into creating organic models is that… well, my sketches of them suck. I get too tied down trying to be precise and get flustered because I can’t get my initial idea down quick enough before the idea fades from my mind’s eye.

So, to the idea…

I got a new webcam a few weeks ago after I upgraded to Windows 7: the webcam has loads of image filters that work in real time, things like bloated head, huge nose, huge eyes and plenty of strange AR-type overlays. (I love the pink curls and glasses. So classy.). The best of the filters, for this purpose though, is the mirror effect.

I spent ten minutes infront of the webcam making parts of my head and shoulders disappear, wrapping my hands round my head into strange positions and using a spinning LED toy that I bought from a fair to use as eyes, ears or what ever they looked like. I was pretty impressed at the variety of forms that I came up with for such a small number of props and, after a couple of minutes in photoshop with the brush and pen tool, I came up with some nice results.

Here are a few examples to give you the idea… and a couple of the original mirrored shots to show you the original effects.


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