Podrunner – The Second Week

So the end of my first week using Podrunner came to an end and the second week has begun.

I really pushed myself last week, managing three sessions on the weights as well as the three Podrunner runs – managing a session of each on three days!

The running was brilliant, I’ve got to say, and this comes from someone who previouisly hated running. I noticed a marked improvement during each session: I was able to run with better form each time and the music track dropped from running to walking just as I was thinking that I couldn’t run any further. I realise the mix was designed with this in mind, but I was surprised at how well it worked. I also noticed some physical improvement – goodbye love handles!

I did my first run on the track for Week 2 yesterday and it definately pushed me further. I’ve just got to remember to jog and not sprint… I forgot that on my second session and nearly didn’t make it to the end… but I’m glad I did it. The sessions for weeks one and two (along with my walk back from the park) work out at around 2.5 miles in 30 mins, around 260kCal burned, and around 4000 steps… and some very sore calves!

I highly recommend using a loofer to massage your calves in the shower after the run. Thanks to that loofer, I can still walk!


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