Podrunner – Week 3 Goodness

So yesterday was the start of Week 3 of Podrunner. My third run last week was a bit painful… well, ok, I had cramp in my calves that brought me to the edge of tears. Bless! (I realise you’re not suppsoed to say that about yourself, even in jest, but I feel thoroughly justified. It really hurt).

It was only yesterday, as I was running the first run of Week 3, that I realised what had gone wrong. I knew at the time that I’d messed up my running route a bit, but I’d also messed up the point at which you’re supposed to stop running. There’s a chime for ‘start running’, ‘start walking’ and ‘stop running and do you cool-down walk’. It’s that last bit that I forgot… big mistake!

That said, run one of Week 3 went brilliantly. There running periods are noticably longer again, and there were were fewer of them than I expected.

I also got back to using the weights machine today and managed a full workout despite not having been near the machine for over a week. Giving my body time to adjust to running as well as weights was definately the thing to do. I’m no alternating a run with using the gym for six days, followed by a rest day, but going a little easy on my legs so that they have plenty of time to repair themselves after my run.

Still no weight loss, though… in fact weight gain. I’ve stopped using BMI as a measure, so I know that I can lose body fat yet remain the same weight if I’m building muscle. I think I’ll go on the hunt for a body fat measurer, one of the electronic ones (if they’re any good). I look a little slimmer, but I want to feel as if all this work is actually paying off more than lifting my mood and getting rid of my moobs!


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