Podrunner Week 4, injuries and an upcoming murder…

After a week long break from running, I started Podrunner week 4 today. I injured by knee three weeks ago and so had to take the week off from running. Then two weeks ago, when I was doing a repeat week 3, I added a few squats to my regular workouts and injured my lower leg. Deciding that I’d like to be still working out and running in a year’s time and not laid up, I’ve given running a rest until today.

I did much  better at today’s run than I expected, and it was much easier to just keep on running even when fatigue started tp set in. It made a big difference with the weather being just a little bit more cloudy and cooler, rather than running in a 26C heat with the sun beating unrelentlessly down on me (shocker, eh?). There was also a slight cross wind which stopped the sweat dripping in my ears, haha. (The wind was seriously welcome for that reason, though!)

Thank goodness I bought these headphones a few weeks ago. They seem pretty sweatproof and don’t drop from my ears when I’m running. They were also an excellent ebay bargain, as the Hong Kong seller I bought from sold them at around £15. New, or used(eugh!), from Amazon or elsewhere, the price seems to double or triple.

When I got home, the Nokia Sports Tracker on my phone said that I’d moved an extra half a mile in the half hour Podrunner workout, and burned an estimated 10o calories extra than the week 3 workout. Suddenly, I realised that just over a month ago I could barely run a hundred yards and my outdoor workouts were just long walks. I’m probably running about a mile at the moment… Podrunner Intervals is brilliant!

So, to celebrate, here’s an image I did to help me get the mood of my next piece of writing coursework. It’s just a photoshop sketch, but having it as my desktop has really helped writing the story. I’ll post that when it’s finished in a couple of days, but in the meantime, here’s the image as a teaser…

Click on the image to open a larger version.


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