Podrunner Intervals Week 5 – The Big Step Forward

Podrunner Intervals week five came to an end for me yesterday, with a run that really pushed how far I can run.

Week 5 is composed of three different workouts, instead of the usual one, and each pushes further and further. In week 4 is was used to four running itnervals, interspersed with walking, and all to  some good tunes as usual. Week 5 cut the number of intervals right down though and, because I don’t listen to the sessions before I go out running, each was a total surprise.

Workout 2 was comprised of two eight minute runs, with five minute walks either side and in the middle. That was pretty tough… but then yesterday there was a five minute warm up and then twenty solid minutes of running. I thank my body for the endorphins that it provided on both the occassions when I wanted, no needed to slow down to a walk. Thanks to that warm, energetic fuzz that my brain was swimming in (and thanks to me pushing myself to complete each of the previous runs) I made it!

My legs felt like jelly, but I didn’t care. I had a (slightly wobbly) walk through the park as a cool down and, after the stretches, felt brilliant.

Honestly, this time last year I would have balked at the idea of running… or indeed of me engaging in any kind of active exercise. But thanks to six months on Wii Fit, a multigym and Podrunner Intervals I actually love burning off some calories…

… They’re just not disappearing from my waist as quickly as I’d like! … I’m putting that down to the weights.


2 Responses to “Podrunner Intervals Week 5 – The Big Step Forward”

  1. Martine Duma Says:

    well done !
    you need to remember that running (generally) uses energy sources that are immediately available for the body to use; you don’t as a rule use stored body fat.

    try drinking a cup of black coffee 30 minutes before running (or green tea) as this releases stored fat into the blood stream.

    also, remember when you’re weight training to do intervals. every 5 minutes or so, stop your workout and run on the spot for 1 minute to get your heart rate up; this will help you to burn fat.

    finally, its an obvious one, but remember to lose weight you have to burn off more than you consume . . . keep a food diary for a week to see if that helps you may be surprised about what you’re actually consuming !

    for more weightloss tips talk to the master; that’s me by the way !

    • Fab – thanks for the tips!
      I’ve become (almost) addicted to green tea and, apart from my morning coffee, it’s the only brew I really drink now. I’ve compelted a few weeks worth of food diaries and I am burning more than I consume, plus I get about 7 or 8 portions of fruit/ veg a day. I’m trying to cook for us on a Mediterranean diet, so watching calories, GI and levels of saturated fat is a biggie right now.
      On Saturday night, I was putting my jeans on and I thought “Oh damn, I need to put another notch on my belt, there aren’t enough… no, wait! That’s a good thing! My belt’s too big for me!” I seem to have lost wobble in the last couple of weeks 🙂
      Love the tip about jogging for a minute every 5 mins or so whilst doing the weights. It’s good timing too, Im reviewing my workout again today to try and mix it up a bit, so I can plan it in as part of my routine. If you’ve got any other tips let me know!

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