Zbrush 4 … simply amazing!

Zbrush 4 was released this monday on both PC and Mac – another free upgrade to anyone with a previous version. I’ve had Zbrush for a few years now and have always eagerly awaited the next release and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s got improved rendering, some great new brushes, the fantastic Match Maker which lets you conform the shapes of objects to other objects and, updated plugins, multilayer polypainting and, best of all, Shadow Box.

Shadow Box is like making 3D objects out of shadow puppets that you draw live. By painting in a top, right and bottom view you can quickly create some quick fantastic models, from heads, figures, creatures, cars, weaponry – and then sculpt it however you want with some really fantastic brushes. There are some great new move brushes and an excellent new clay brush to help build up your sculpture, and then use brushes like the polish brushes (there since v3.5) to create some nice hard bodied models.

I’m totally in love with it… and I urge you to give it a try (though the current demo is v3.5, you can also download Sculptris for free, which is an excellent introduction to computer-based sculpting)


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