Sports Tracker – new app and website launched

Sports Tracker was one of the first apps that I downloaded for my Nokia 5800 smartphone. It initially launched with an ok web site to track walking, running, cycling routines, using the phone’s GPS. A new version of the app appeared last month, with a shiny new interface and some nice new functionality, but now the website has relaunched and a new version of the app has been released with it.

THe main highlights for me are:

  • GPS tracking of your workouts, showing your routes on maps in realtime
  • Get a step count and rough calorie count for each workout

You can, of course, upload this to the website and (if you don’t chose to keep your workouts private) can share them with others and even have your workouts posted on your Facebook wall. There are graphs showing how your speed has varied over time and altitude and you can track your heart rate the same ways with an added Bluetooth enabled Polar heart rate monitor (for around £70!).

At this point in developing my routine, I only really use the maps, step counter and calorie counter to check my progress at the end of each session. I upload my workouts (but mainly just because I like to see them in a nice web interface) but I record everything in a spreadsheet at home. My workouts vary between running, weights and rowing, so I’ve got more data that I want to record that Sports Tracker can take, but it’s a valuable addition to my routines and an excellent motivator.

And, best of all, it’s free for Nokia GPS enabled phones


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