Second Head… and Spotlight Texturing

So, today I got to grips with using Zbrush 4’s new Spotlight toolset for texturing and detailing models. Basically, you can import an image texture from your hard drive or from the web and use it to either paint colour and/or geometry detail onto any model that you’ve got in Zbrush… and I was so impressed. I actually started using it by accident and, ocne I started using it, got confused about the hot keys to make the Spotlight Widget appear. I’ve had a long day, though, so it might just be me – certainly now that I’ve used it for an hour or so, there are no problems and I’m almost in love with it.

Texturing and detailing just got a whole lot easier – and flexible too.

This guy is the grumpiest shop keeper in the galaxy…

Click on the image to open in a new window/ tab


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