Podrunner Week 6 – Escape from the Planet of the Cankles!

Week six of Podrunner was another push, but as always one that was achievable – and thankfully one that didn’t leave me that sore!

There were three workouts this week, dropping back to three running intervals at the start, then building back up to two and ending in a twenty five minute run that was padded by some welcome warm up and cool down walking.

I laughed when i heard the introduction to the third workout… I knew that I could do a full twenty five minutes, but I also knew that it was going to be tough. It surprised me. It wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought.

Once I started running it was actually pretty easy just to keep on moving. I kept a steady, jogging pace and just kept going on my usual route round Platt Fields Park. At one point, though, my concentration slipped and my body just slowed to a walking pace.

I felt pretty bad for doing that as I really felt that I could do the whole run. So, with due concern, I checked the Podrunner track time and I only had two minutes left to do until my cool down. Two minutes more isn’t so bad, and not too long, so I picked up the pace and completed the run. I only lost about 15 seconds to that drop in pace, so I’m really happy with myself for completing the workout.

Something I noticed though…

Last summer my feet and ankles got really swollen in the heat. Mega-swollen. Like, I can’t wear any of my shoes swollen. They were really sore and, having spent two months getting my feet chaffed in flip-flops, I’ve been very aware of my ankles ever since, always watching for those ankle bones disappearing behind a veil of swollen tissue or body fat.

When I got home from the last Podrunner run of week six, I had a flash of anxiety. Those ankles bones had almost vanished and I started to get worried that the heat-cankles had returned… but not so.

Over the past month or so I’ve been flexing my feet more, both outside of my workouts and in stretches. I’ve also started doing calf raises as part of my weights routine. The end result, aside from noticable less painful and longlasting shin splints, is that I’ve grown more supporting muscle around my ankles… and seemingly in the last three weeks.

So, dear reader, I escaped the Planet of the Cankles this year.

The tight because I’m over-weight t-shirt I bought a few months ago is now baggy too. My body fat percentage is still too high, but it’s nice to see some results for all the effort I’ve been putting in to getting fit and losing fat.

As this fitness drive was meant to be a long-term thing now that I’m approaching 35, this feels good. Now that I can see and feel some results, it’s easier to keep going and work towards the mental image of how I’ll look and feel once I reach my goals.


4 Responses to “Podrunner Week 6 – Escape from the Planet of the Cankles!”

  1. If you’re doing 25-30 minute runs around Platt Fields I’d recommend the regular 5km ParkRun at 9am on a Saturday morning. It’s free and you can just turn up although they do like people to register (and for preference print off a barcode) so you can get your time emailed to you and compare yourself with people of a similar age.

    There are some pretty quick runners, but it doesn’t require running-club keenness as there’s no commitment, and there are a variety of ages and fitness levels. Usually about 100 people turn up.

    Personally I find running with other people is great encouragement and while getting up and running early on a Saturday isn’t always that enticing I find that knowing I’ve run 5km by 9:30 on Saturday is a good way to start the weekend!


    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your comment! I’ve got the 5km Park Run as one of my goals. I think I need to do another couple of weeks of Podrunner before I participate though… I think that’s down to my confidence as much as anything. I’ve no qualms about getting up to run on a Saturday morning, though. I tend to run late morning or afternoons, but it does sound like a great start to the weekend!

  2. Excellent, I hope to see you there. I did my first one in March with a time of 28:30 – it nearly killed me (I’m 36 and hadn’t done any running since doing the Manchester Great Run a few years ago). On Saturday I beat 25 minutes for the first time!

    I usually time myself with sport tracker on my 5800 too.

    • Well done mate, for your new personal best and for completing the run after so long away from running! Completing the Manchester Great Run is quite a feat too! Hope to see you and everyone else in the park in a couple of weeks time… I’ll definately rejig my training schedule to make Saturday a running day

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