Responding to Richard Dawkins’ Speech About the Pope’s Visit to the UK

I’m an agnostic by nature – and by reason.

I hold no religious beliefs, I have spiritual beliefs though and I respect those that do and don’t hold religious and/or spiritual beliefs. Richard Dawkins annoys me because he insults people with and without faith by seeming to assume aethism is the only rational belief, and that it should take no process of reasoning to be an aetheist.

He also seems to believe that the questions around being and spirituality that many learned and not so learned men and women have explored for thousands of years are pointless, and not to be respected. He also assumes that everyone should hold the same ideas as he, when those beliefs seem far from the rational and liberal beliefs that he thinks they are.

My partner’s just published a thorough and thought provoking response to Richard Dawkins’ speech on the Pope’s visit to the UK on his blog. It’s well worth a read.


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