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Coming Soon… Murder on the Doriano Podcast

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Ok, so I’m pretty excited about this. Paul suggested that I produce an audio version of a story for my blog, and Murder on the Doriano seemed like the obvious choice since it’s funny, and short enough for me to produce as my first podcast.

I’ve done some experimental versions, gotten over the sound of my own voice and found an excellent site for some free sound effects released under a Creative Commons license –

It’s been excellent fun so far, so look out for it appearing within the next week or so.


On another note, I’ve had some great feedback from Paul about by story ‘Vermin’. So, within the next couple of weeks I’ll post a revised version under a new title, ‘Sanctuary’.

I was tempted to delete the old version from my blog, but thought that it might prove interesting to someone to be able to compare the two versions; so I’ve left ‘Vermin’ on here… Though a new thumbnail picture for the story definitely needed.

I’ll post some of Paul’s feedback too.


Happy Christmas!

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Birthday Card for My Mum

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The post is excellent isn’t it?

I designed my mum a birthday card and had it printed through Photobox. Nearly a week after I posted it first class, the card still hasn’t arrived with her… and it’s missed her birthday by days. Frustrating to say the least, but here, mum, is your card so you can see what it looks like until that fabled day when it arrives with you.

Click on the image below to open it in a new window/ tab.


Short Story: Vermin

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Click on the link below for the story in PDF format


The crew of the survey ship Io are used to getting out of risky situations by the skin of their hides.

So, when Captain Gallagher lands the ship on a small, peaceful and quite beautiful moon on the expansive edge of known human-space, the crew think that they’re about to bring in their biggest and easiest pay cheque yet.

As the team begins to uncover the secrets of the collosal glowing crystals that cover the moon’s surface, crewman Parks begins to hunt out the ships rats before they infest this tranquil place… and something very dangerous begins its own investigation of the crew.