Scout Ship: Pilot’s Head Test Render

Here’s a test render of the scout ship pilot’s head.

This started out as Michael 1 from poser, taken into Zbrush for some extra sculpting and fine tuning; it’s not recognizably Machael 1, I don’t think, but I’m not quite skilled enough yet to have confidence about building a head from scratch… and I don’t have the time, either. From Zbrush, the figure was taken into Maya and I re-skinned/retopologised the whole head, giving me better edge flow, a lower poly count and some extra fine tuning. Then it was back into Zbrush to polish out some areas where the edges were bunched up.

The hair is a sphere that’s been sculpted into shape with the Clay Brush, and subdivided a few times. I used the Clay Brush on each subdivision level to add form and detail to the hair. This will be retopologised to remove the unwanted parts of the hair, then I’ll re-project the detail onto the new hair mesh.


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