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Grey Head: WIP

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A quick update on one of my projects, which is going to be a lamp!

It’s a full-sized bust in Monster Clay, with a clay wall around the base to contain the silicone and resin that I’ll be using to create the mould. I’ll eventually cast it in polyurethane resin, paint it in grey tones, with the eyes formed of acrylic hemispheres that will be filled with Platsil Gel 10. These will then have LEDs mounted behind them, to create glowing eyes!

The eyes have been a bit of an issue for me. I really struggled to work out how to mould and cast them so that I could fill them with silicone to back light.

The options and issues were:

  • Mould over smooth acrylic forms under the sculpt, then cast in resin and drill out the spaces for fresh spheres with a Dremel. This is a really problematic approach, as the eyes tend to be spaces where the resin pools. On a test piece, it took ages to drill out the excess resin, and it was extremely difficult to conserve the eyelids without accidental damage, or ruining the slight interior fold between the eyes lids and the eyeballs. It was also impossible to drill out exactly the right volume for the acrylic hemispheres to then fit inside.
  • Sculpt and mould as above, but then when casting place the acrylic hemispheres in place and pour the resin in around them. This was a nightmare, as although the hemispheres were held in place, it was extremely difficult to slush or paint-cast the resin into the mould without contamination of the hemispheres. Additionally, reaching inside the cast to pour the correct amount of silicone into place was just too tricky.

In the end, I followed so expert advice from the The Moldin’ Years: Rubber and Resin group on Facebook:

  • Sculpt a key onto one of the blank acrylic hemispheres.
  • Mould in silicone and cast in resin, making two copies.
  • Sculpt around these on the main bust.
  • When it comes to moulding, just mould over the whole piece in silicone.
  • Cast silicone copies of the keyed eyes.
  • Insert the fresh silicone keyed eyes into the silicone mould and cast in resin.
  • This should allow me to simply pluck out the silicone eyes from inside the cast, creating empty eye forms that should require very little clean up.

The busts just needs a final polish up… and then it’s onto mouldin’ time!


A Guide – Zbrush 4.0 Alien Figure Work in Progress

Posted in 3D, Design, Pictures, scifi, Tutorials on September 18, 2010 by Jim St Ruth

First Zbrush 4 Head Sculpt – And a Quick ‘How To’

Posted in 3D, Design, Pictures, scifi, Tutorials on August 14, 2010 by Jim St Ruth

Click on the image above to view

I wanted to share my first Zbrush 4 head sculpt, created using Shadow Box. I’ve included some images below, designed to give a general view to the process for those of you not familiar with Zbrush, rather than as a tutorial. What impressed me most about Shadow Box was the speed at which you can create a general form that you can use as a base object to sculpt on – and not just heads or figures, but hard body objects like cars, weapons, armor – you get the idea.

I also used the new Clay Buildup brush to add increasing levels of detail on the basic form. It’s so easy to use and, as you subdivide the jaggedy appearance of what you’ve sculpted is smoothed out, but not the overall shapes.

The above image was rendered using Zbrushes new Best Preview Render, with shadows and ambient occlusion added. With a whole laod more options, tools and brushes, I can see that Zbrush is going to keep me busy for some time.

The How To Guides:

(click on each image to open in a new window or tab)