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Zbrush Figure Turntable

Posted in 3D, Design, Fantasy, General, Maya, Photoshop, Pictures, scifi, Stories, writing, zbrush on May 30, 2011 by Jim St Ruth

I’ve had a really strong static image in my mind from a novel that I’m writing… So, I’ve decided to model the scene. The scooter’s already done, though not in this video. This is just what I’ve modelled of ‘GK’ so far.

I started with a poser figure (Michael 1), using that as a base to give me a good overall size. I then created my own head and shirt models over that, and sculpted them in Zbrush to get the shapes and forms more like I wanted them. After some additional modelling for the helmet and glasses, and some texturing, here is a video of the rsulting model.

Arms, legs, beard and pose still to come… and possibly GK’s female companion for hte back of the scooter, too.


The Claw…

Posted in 3D, Design, Fantasy, General, Maya, Photoshop, Pictures, scifi, Stories, Uncategorized, writing, zbrush on May 12, 2011 by Jim St Ruth

I’ve started working on a new novel and, whilst I don’t want to say anything about the story, the characters or the monsters, I did want to share this image of the villains which I’ve been sculpting whilst I’ve been working through the story itself.

The model was scuplted, retopologised, textured and posed in Zbrush. The texture was then mixed with the ambient occlusion and cavity map renders from Zbrush in Photoshop before being rendered in Maya. Final presentation worked up in Photoshop.

Coming Soon… Murder on the Doriano Podcast

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Ok, so I’m pretty excited about this. Paul suggested that I produce an audio version of a story for my blog, and Murder on the Doriano seemed like the obvious choice since it’s funny, and short enough for me to produce as my first podcast.

I’ve done some experimental versions, gotten over the sound of my own voice and found an excellent site for some free sound effects released under a Creative Commons license –

It’s been excellent fun so far, so look out for it appearing within the next week or so.


On another note, I’ve had some great feedback from Paul about by story ‘Vermin’. So, within the next couple of weeks I’ll post a revised version under a new title, ‘Sanctuary’.

I was tempted to delete the old version from my blog, but thought that it might prove interesting to someone to be able to compare the two versions; so I’ve left ‘Vermin’ on here… Though a new thumbnail picture for the story definitely needed.

I’ll post some of Paul’s feedback too.

Short Story: Vermin

Posted in scifi, Stories, writing on December 10, 2010 by Jim St Ruth


Click on the link below for the story in PDF format


The crew of the survey ship Io are used to getting out of risky situations by the skin of their hides.

So, when Captain Gallagher lands the ship on a small, peaceful and quite beautiful moon on the expansive edge of known human-space, the crew think that they’re about to bring in their biggest and easiest pay cheque yet.

As the team begins to uncover the secrets of the collosal glowing crystals that cover the moon’s surface, crewman Parks begins to hunt out the ships rats before they infest this tranquil place… and something very dangerous begins its own investigation of the crew.

ZBrush Shuttle Sculpt

Posted in 3D, Design, General, Pictures, scifi, Stories, zbrush on October 6, 2010 by Jim St Ruth

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An hour’s sculpt while eating dinner… between FF14 and working on my next short story. The story is starting to make sense now. Dreams don’t always make good stories, even if the ideas are good ones. I was torn between writing Camel Lilies as the dream I had or as a ‘proper’ story, but I plumped for the story in the end. Translating it into something with a fuller narrative is taking more work than I thought, but when it’s done I think it will be worth the while.

It has nothing to do with the shuttle sculpt; or at least, the shuttle probably won’t feature in the story…

Murder on the Doriano

Posted in Funny, Stories, writing on July 20, 2010 by Jim St Ruth

Click the link below for the story


Podrunner Week 4, injuries and an upcoming murder…

Posted in Design, Fitness, Pictures, Stories, writing on July 19, 2010 by Jim St Ruth

After a week long break from running, I started Podrunner week 4 today. I injured by knee three weeks ago and so had to take the week off from running. Then two weeks ago, when I was doing a repeat week 3, I added a few squats to my regular workouts and injured my lower leg. Deciding that I’d like to be still working out and running in a year’s time and not laid up, I’ve given running a rest until today.

I did much  better at today’s run than I expected, and it was much easier to just keep on running even when fatigue started tp set in. It made a big difference with the weather being just a little bit more cloudy and cooler, rather than running in a 26C heat with the sun beating unrelentlessly down on me (shocker, eh?). There was also a slight cross wind which stopped the sweat dripping in my ears, haha. (The wind was seriously welcome for that reason, though!)

Thank goodness I bought these headphones a few weeks ago. They seem pretty sweatproof and don’t drop from my ears when I’m running. They were also an excellent ebay bargain, as the Hong Kong seller I bought from sold them at around £15. New, or used(eugh!), from Amazon or elsewhere, the price seems to double or triple.

When I got home, the Nokia Sports Tracker on my phone said that I’d moved an extra half a mile in the half hour Podrunner workout, and burned an estimated 10o calories extra than the week 3 workout. Suddenly, I realised that just over a month ago I could barely run a hundred yards and my outdoor workouts were just long walks. I’m probably running about a mile at the moment… Podrunner Intervals is brilliant!

So, to celebrate, here’s an image I did to help me get the mood of my next piece of writing coursework. It’s just a photoshop sketch, but having it as my desktop has really helped writing the story. I’ll post that when it’s finished in a couple of days, but in the meantime, here’s the image as a teaser…

Click on the image to open a larger version.